Valentine’s Day

This year was a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day. Ramsey bought me flowers that he arranged himself with the florist. They were beautiful. He also made me a treasure hunt. I should note here that I’m completely in love with treasure hunts. They are my favorite present ever. I’ve been giving him a hard time that he’s never made me one even when I’ve previously requested them but on Valentine’s Day this year, he pulled through and it was perfect. It was actually so fun and exciting that I started tearing up while reading one of the clues. (That’s a result of the combination of how much I love treasure hunts and pregnancy hormones). Some of the clues rhymed and were very clever. I found clues in such places as the refrigerator, inside a closed umbrella, in a cereal box, and in the sheath of a Chinese sword. The final prize was a box full of chocolate and a love note. I couldn’t stop smiling all day that my cheeks hurt.

We also went to a Mexican restaurant that does 50% on Tuesdays which was perfect. We walked home and picked up some dvds on the way home. We thought Twilight “Breaking Dawn” would be an appropriate movie to watch being romantic and all. Ramsey was excited to make fun of it and I was excited simply to see it. In the end, we were both really disturbed by the whole movie. I knew the plot because I listened to the audio book a few years back but some books should just not be made into movies and this was one of them. The whole time we watched it we felt sick to our stomachs. Everything was just off. Their honeymoon was just awkward. They didn’t seem happy like most honeymooners who just radiate the newly-wed glow. They just seemed uncomfortable with each other. Then the whole pregnancy of half vampire/half human was just weird. And the birth was just disgusting. I couldn’t see one redeemable quality of this movie. Oh well.

As Ramsey and I were walking home from our date night, we talked about how this would be the last Valentine’s Day we were alone. Next Valentine’s Day would include a little one of us. It was a really surreal thought. So much change! It’s overwhelming to think about sometimes, but I’m still very excited!

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