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Having fun with my kids!

A Kindy Christmas!

The Christmas present my kids made for their parents. They painted the popsicle sticks and picked out the buttons. They are so excited to give these to their parents to hang on the tree!IMG_20141218_115832

On the back it reads, “Here’s a little ornament painted just for you. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, and Happy New Year too!”


Christmas cards for mom and dad. They wrote, “Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! I love you!”IMG_20141218_120048

This is a candycane reindeer I made for each kid. On the back it reads, “Here’s a little reindeer to hang upon the tree. I made this just because you mean so much to me!” IMG_20141218_120250

My kindergarteners making snowflakes IMG_20141218_095106

All of the creations. The children glued the snowflakes they made on the gift bag. All of this goes in the bags and then given to mom and dad (reindeer to kids) IMG_20141218_120532

Happy little kindergarteners. LOVE this class! IMG_20141218_122739

The “18 Days of Christmas” for my 18 little kindergarteners. They love this. One child gets to open one present a day (18 days leading up to Christmas break). This is seriously crack to them. Excuse the drug reference.

IMG_20141202_084126 IMG_20141202_084134

Aerial perspective snowman for our art exhibition. My sample to show the kids. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to blend the edges with pastels but they were rockstars IMG_20141128_170640

All their work displayed at the art exhibition. You can’t see very well, but there’s pictures of them looking down at the snowmen from the airplane.


More art from my kindergarteners. On display at the art exhibition. mmexport1418471575132

Yes. I taught 5-6 year olds the recorder. I can’t believe it too. I started two months ago. They played “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” for the Christmas concert. And they were amazing! They nailed the low D and C! mmexport1418460800848

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Swing version. After playing the recorder they broke into a big band version of the song and danced with their recorders. They loved this. They even took turns choreographing the song themselves. They were very proud of their work!


Eve rehearsing for the Christmas concert mmexport1418191873216
I love this little Japanese boy who made this for me! He handed it to me and after thanking him I said, “But wait, where is Santa’s beard?” He then brought it back to me with a goatee. Awesome. haha.

Eve’s 1st Birthday

Eve is one. What? Wait? When did this happen? How is it that I felt like I was pregnant for 5 years but Eve’s life from 0-12 months happened when I blinked.

photo 5 (1)

I look at pictures of her as a newborn and remember thinking she was the cutest little baby and then the next month I would think, “well, you know she was cute but nothing compared to now!” and that same process would repeat itself every month. And now I look at her and think, “Wow if I had ANY idea what you would look like! You are a babe!” (no pun intended.. I think).

e4Ok your grumpy old man face in retrospect isn’t as cute as I remember. I was drunk with love.

So Eve had a  birthday party celebrating her ONEness. And let me tell you, it was so flippin sweet! Better than I could have imagined. After checking the forecast for 2 weeks straight, it rained like it never rained before but people still came! Altogether, including us Deweys, there were 14 adults and 4 babies. And that’s after a few cancellations due to bad weather. I didn’t think people would bring presents and didn’t expect them to but people came like little Santa’s full of the most awesome stuff. So sweet! It was so fun to see Vish and her husband who I hadn’t seen in like forever and meet their little girl. IMG_7940_700x525 Eve had 3 little friends who all played in the ball pit together. Hey-O! Eve has got a little baby posse! IMG_7928_700x525 And the ayi was awesome cleaning up dishes and the  wrapping paper throughout the span of the party.  I taught her how to make the mini 7 layer dips, and she made the rest. She cut up all the vegetables for the dips, including tomatoes, avacados, onions etc.. for Ramsey to mix together. And wrapped all of Eve’s bajillion presents. What?! And it doesn’t stop there. She spent all afternoon cleaning and blowing up balloons. I just kind of showed up to the party and was all like “hi”. So heck yes I had fun! No stress. Delicious pizza and snacks and everyone adoring my precious little Evester. photo 5 And cake. There was icecream cake. I don’t want to say how much I spent on this icecream cake. But it was delicious. Moving on… IMG_7931_700x525 To see more pictures from the party view the gallery:

Wind Horse

As part of the World Fairy Tale curriculum set by the school, we are learning about Native Americans. They are learning the legend of the Wind Horse who helps the “Great Chief” by bringing people to the sky to see him. It’s really a metaphor for death. Sorry kids. Anyway, the Great Chief warns the horse that if stays in the sky too long he can never come back to earth. Well, he finds an orphan child one day who doesn’t have a single friend in the world. Wind Horse tries to make him happy by giving him rides in the sky. Well, he eventually needed to get back to work so he left the boy in a cave. The boy eventually got worried and started looking for him but got tired and cold and fell in the snow. Wind Horse found him sick and dying and asks him what he can do for him and the boy said to ride on his back forever and Wind Horse gave up his right to go back to the ground and to this day flys around with the boy. And if you look at the clouds closely, you might see them. (Cloud formation). Ok, so the kid died. None of my 5 year olds get this terribly sad story. And we can keep it that way.

They are excited to learn about Native Americans. I taught them all about buffaloes, teepees, totem poles, dream catchers, rain sticks etc… They got really into everything and enjoyed giving themselves their own “Native American” name. I am “Big Chief.” This is what they call me now. I don’t let them call me teacher anymore, at least not until this unit is over haha. I call them by their Native American names and they are getting used to it. We will be performing a play and they will be doing a rain dace with rain sticks at some point. Will keep you posted.