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Ten Apples Up On Top Craft (Part 2)

ten apples up on top (13)

This is part two of “Ten Apples Up On Top”. I freaking love this book. It’s not my favorite Dr. Seuss book, but it’s pretty dang close. My favorite will always and forever be “Fox in Socks.” That is a brilliant masterpiece.

So, I think Ramsey was getting kind of tired of being my resident artist because instead he showed me how to use photoshop to make coloring pages. It really is so simple.  This took me literally all of 5 minutes. I’ll break it down for you. Take a picture of a page from the book.


First, turn it greyscale, second, adjust the brightness way up and mess with the contrast, third, get the eraser and erase all the junk you don’t want, and finally fourth use the burn tool to blacken the edges more.  Size it to 8 1/2 by 11 and TA DA! Done. Actually there are many ways to to do it like messing with filters, but I just do the easiest. I’m sure it can get way more professional than this. So anyway, you get something like this:




and turn it into this:

ten apples up on top 1

and thisten apples up on top 2

and thisten apples up on top 3

Ok, so it’s not that good, but whatevs the kids are coloring on top of it anyway!

The kids then were allowed to choose what animal they wanted to color and thankfully it worked out that they chose randomly because if they chose all tigers I don’t know what I would have done. haha.

ten apples up on top (1) ten apples up on top (3)

Onto the apples. I experimented with different types. Tissue paper, sponge, glitter, crayon with glitter, marker with glitter yada yada yada…







One kid found some pastels and then the rest started using them and man it looked really good! So, yes pastels. Have them use pastels! But in the end, the kids were intrigued with the tissue paper so most of them used tissue paper.

ten apples up on top (42) ten apples up on top (47)

You can have your students do all ten on top or do a few. I let my students choose how many apples they wanted on top. I was actually surprised when one girl just wanted one apple on top.

ten apples up on top (10)
ten apples up on top (14) ten apples up on top (19) ten apples up on top (23)

I have to show off my cute little kids:

ten apples up on top (41) ten apples up on top (40) ten apples up on top (39) ten apples up on top (38) ten apples up on top (37) ten apples up on top (36) ten apples up on top (35) ten apples up on top (34) ten apples up on top (33) ten apples up on top (32)ten apples up on top (31)

If you would like these coloring pages, you can download the pdf by clicking here:Ten Apples up on Top Craft

You can also download a word doc of the apples coloring page: apples

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Ten Apples Up On Top Craft

ten apples up on top (26)_700x933

I hate youtube/China internet so much. I’ve been trying to upload Eve’s 7 month video for two weeks now and it keeps failing at 99%.  Ok moving on.

Dr. Seuss galore!

Check out my door! My class is called “Brown Bear” so that’s why there is a Brown Bear decal there. And now it’s sporting a “Cat in the Hat” hat!


So I can’t believe it. But my boss is actually on board with Dr. Seuss’ birthday this year. She’s letting me craft it up! And she’s telling the other teachers to decorate our hallway! Wow. This is so dramatically different than last year when she told me to stop doing Dr. Seuss and to focus on reading (lol) and phonics. You know how much phonics I’ve been teaching through Dr. Seuss lady?? Ok, I have been having a bit of fun with the crafts. Tis true, but so much more is happening than she sees on the surface.

Crazy story: So one of the teachers was making a Cat in the Hat cutout. She had plans to hang it up on the hallway ceiling next to some other artwork she was planning out. Well another teacher created this beautiful masterpiece in the other teacher’s intended spot.


For some reason, they said her Cat in the Hat was too heavy for the sign and said she would have to put it up somewhere else. She flipped a lid and I mean really flipped a lid. She shoved her Cat in the Hat drawing in the trash along with her other drawings. No one told her that her drawings were not going to be used, but just that it would fit better somewhere else. I don’t even know EXACTLY what was said because all this was going on in Korean at a screaming volume level between these two teachers. I guess she watched too many Korean dramas. But c’mon? Really? Trash can? Ok, so I secretly rescued it and hid it in my class. The next day when she was calm again and cheerful, I hung it up in my window.


Looks pretty good for being shoved in the trash! Well, you can see where it is bent around the eyes.

She told everyone that she was only going to decorate for her classroom and not for the department anymore. So she made this for her door the next day:

IMG_7259_700x933And twice the size!

She walked by my class and saw the first Cat in the Hat that I rescued from the trash displayed in the window. She tried to hide a little smile, so I think secretly, she’s happy someone rescued it and valued her work.


Yesterday I read “Ten Apples Up on Top” to my class. I think I’m getting better as a story teller, because man! They were so into the story. I can raise my volume level and bring intensity into the story. I stop to ask questions. I make sound effects. They. were. enthralled. They loved it and I loved it. I was so proud and mentally patted myself on the back.

So after we read the story, I had them do this worksheet. I got the idea from somewhere, but just designed the worksheet to my liking and added mini pom poms!


If you don’t have pom poms, you could have them draw apples.

 Anyway, they have to write in their name and then draw a picture of themselves, (But make sure they draw themselves low enough in the box to fit in the mini pom pom apples).

ten apples up on top (29)_700x933

Then I randomly set the mini red pom poms on their desk to count. Once they counted how many there were they had to fill it in the blank. Then I squirted some glue on a piece of paper on their desks and let them start gluing apples.

Easy, fun, and tactile!

ten apples up on top (9)_700x525 ten apples up on top (13)_700x525 ten apples up on top (14)_700x933 ten apples up on top (16)_700x525
ten apples up on top (27)_700x933

ten apples up on top (2)_700x525

If you would like this worksheet, click here: Ten Apples Up on Top


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“Hop on Pop!” Worksheet

HoponPop (16)

Well, Dr. Seuss season is upon us! I am getting the itch. The itch that makes me drop everything and Dr. Seuss it up! And thank goodness, my boss is actually ok with it this year and encouraged the other teachers to decorate the hallways. Yay!

Funny, one of the teachers said she was reluctant to help because the Dr. Seuss’ characters aren’t cute enough. I told her of course they are cute! They are sooo cute it’s ridiculous! But she responded, “All of the Dr. Seuss characters are monsters!” in a heavy Korean accent.  (Extra emphasis on monsters). Well, we all have different definitions of cute. I think Dr. Seuss characters are the cutest, most lovable drawings ever!


“Pointing at cuteness right here!”

So two days ago, I started looking for Dr. Seuss crafts on pinterest under “Dr. Seuss crafts” and a lot of the search results came back to my blog! What the what!…so now that I know people are searching my blog, I would like to start trying my hand at some original work. 🙂

I created a little prepositions worksheet with “in” and “on” using the book “Hop on Pop” as the lesson base. It’s such a great book to help kids practice their prepositions.

HoponPop (18)So in my worksheet, the students have to cut out various Dr. Seuss characters from the book and paste them in the correct position to match the prepositional phrase.  The “cup on pup” one was especially hard because it looks like the pup should be in the cup. But I did this on purpose so I would force them to read. When they got it wrong, I would say. “What does this say?” And then they would read it and go….”ohhhh!” 🙂

HoponPop (24)

So first, have them write the phrases, then, have them cut and paste, and finally color. Coloring is the reward! 🙂

One of my methods that works very nicely is having them put their hands on their head after each step, so that I can personally direct their actions and keep track of where each kid is in the process. It was pretty effective.

HoponPop (2) HoponPop (6) HoponPop (12) HoponPop (14)

HoponPop (20)


HoponPop (15)

HoponPop (22)


If you would like this worksheet, you can open the pdf file by clicking hoponpop. My husband drew the Dr. Seuss pictures for me! (He’s so good! And he can do it fast! It’s amazing!) You should totally see his Dr. Seuss fish coloring pages.