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“Hop on Pop!” Worksheet

HoponPop (16)

Well, Dr. Seuss season is upon us! I am getting the itch. The itch that makes me drop everything and Dr. Seuss it up! And thank goodness, my boss is actually ok with it this year and encouraged the other teachers to decorate the hallways. Yay!

Funny, one of the teachers said she was reluctant to help because the Dr. Seuss’ characters aren’t cute enough. I told her of course they are cute! They are sooo cute it’s ridiculous! But she responded, “All of the Dr. Seuss characters are monsters!” in a heavy Korean accent.  (Extra emphasis on monsters). Well, we all have different definitions of cute. I think Dr. Seuss characters are the cutest, most lovable drawings ever!


“Pointing at cuteness right here!”

So two days ago, I started looking for Dr. Seuss crafts on pinterest under “Dr. Seuss crafts” and a lot of the search results came back to my blog! What the what!…so now that I know people are searching my blog, I would like to start trying my hand at some original work. 🙂

I created a little prepositions worksheet with “in” and “on” using the book “Hop on Pop” as the lesson base. It’s such a great book to help kids practice their prepositions.

HoponPop (18)So in my worksheet, the students have to cut out various Dr. Seuss characters from the book and paste them in the correct position to match the prepositional phrase.  The “cup on pup” one was especially hard because it looks like the pup should be in the cup. But I did this on purpose so I would force them to read. When they got it wrong, I would say. “What does this say?” And then they would read it and go….”ohhhh!” 🙂

HoponPop (24)

So first, have them write the phrases, then, have them cut and paste, and finally color. Coloring is the reward! 🙂

One of my methods that works very nicely is having them put their hands on their head after each step, so that I can personally direct their actions and keep track of where each kid is in the process. It was pretty effective.

HoponPop (2) HoponPop (6) HoponPop (12) HoponPop (14)

HoponPop (20)


HoponPop (15)

HoponPop (22)


If you would like this worksheet, you can open the pdf file by clicking hoponpop. My husband drew the Dr. Seuss pictures for me! (He’s so good! And he can do it fast! It’s amazing!) You should totally see his Dr. Seuss fish coloring pages.